My last post was on Halloween, and Dave, our youngest child and I immediately left the country after posting. If you follow (by pressing ‘LIKE’ to see updates-there’s a link below) the Grace McComas Memorial page  on Facebook, you’ll know where we went and the absolutely crazy way we got there!  Proof of God’s goodness, and His and Grace’s sense of humor!

I didn’t sleep much that week, while sharing the early stages of our story, which I’d wanted to do before we left, as we’d be gone until after the local elections. I’d asked that locals write in a vote for ‘Grace McComas’ in the States Attorney-Howard County spot, to send a message to that office, just one of the public agencies which failed to protect or respond adequately to Grace and her situation. There is a good bit more to our struggle which I’ll share in time…

While the elections results do not list names, somewhere around 1,300 ‘write ins’ occurred, and I hope most of them said ‘Grace’.

The local County Executive race was very, very close. We didn’t return until after the election (and we’d taken a techno-fast) so I was greatly surprised and pleased that (former state Senator) Allan Kittleman, the one who was interested in hearing our whole story, McComasTruth if you will, won. I really don’t know what that will mean or how it will play out, but it just seems that there should be transparency, and some accountability for what happened (and still continues to happen) in regard to Grace, our struggle, her memory, and changes that we must make as a community in how we view and respond to multiple issues, including bullying/cyberbullying, sexual assault, substance abuse, mental health issues and suicide. Knowing the honest, ethical and thoughtful man that he is, I am hopeful that change can and will continue.

       Allan Kittleman (far left) looks on as Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who’d just signed ‘Grace’s Law’, offers a kind word, and the pen used, to the parents of Grace McComas. .

Grace's Law,

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