McComasTruth- the story of Grace
Maryland, U.S.A.

Bio: When a community loses a child, it is always a tragedy…. but when it is compounded by hatred, irresponsibility and the failures of people and public systems to hear and validate our cries for help, or even apologize, it is an unending nightmare. Grace McComas was a joyful and bright child from birth, until the day of a drug-assisted sexual assault at age 14, followed by malicious cyberbullying and character assassination by an older brother of her friend and classmate next door. She was a communicative teen and we were aware of what was happening to her, and alerted schools, police, courts and even members of our church requesting help, which either didn’t come, or came too late to matter. Grace and the injustice of her story deserve to be heard. I, her mother, will speak for her, and work to improve the world which allowed this to happen, and perhaps find some small measure of peace and justice in the process.

The story, which should be read in order, starts here:

  1. (“Sealegs” is personal about grief and can be skipped)